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Adoption Shelter

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"Saving the life of one animal may not change the world, but the world will change for that one animal." ~Unknown

  Upcoming Events

September 8th: K9's for KIDS 
October: Adoption Month
Every day, there are thousands of animals in shelters and rescue groups living without a loving family.

These animals need people who care for them to bring awareness to our community about shelter and rescue animals. These animals are loving and affectionate; they most likely grew out of the puppy stage but these shelter and rescue animals will love their owners unconditionally because they know their owners saved their lives and gave them a second chance to feel love and to feel safe. 

We, the people of Parsippany, can raise awareness and help these animals find their forever homes.

Pet owners who already have loving pets might need helpful tips to protect and care for their four-legged family member. These tips range from everyday situations to immediate emergency situations. Hopefully this website will benefit the community who seek everyday information for their pets.




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